Monsoon vibes

It’s that time of the year that I absolutely love. The downpour of rains, the amazing weather, greenery all around us feels just so fresh and mesmerizing… makes me want to go out and dance every single time it’s raining outside!

Monsoon calls for all things bright and vibrant. Eye catching floral or bold prints, bright colors and funky accessories weave their magic in this season !

It’s the time of the year when we prefer ditching the maxis and jeans for a more shorter and comfortable alternative like skirts, shorts or dresses mostly opting for fabrics like chiffons, georgettes and materials that dry up quickly so we can have more fun in the rain as our outfits dry up quicker. Indeed, what’s not to love about the rains!

So for the season that I absolutely love and that I believe exists only to make our lives and surroundings more bright and cheerful, I decided to do a blog post about my pick on  bright and beautiful monsoon style to keep up with the monsoon vibes!

I put up one such bright monsoon look for you guys.(And many more to come definitely! ) but for now, In this particular monsoon look, I opted for this blue dress that screams comfort and is so playful at the same time. It’s bright in color with neon details to it and pink buttons that add a quirky vibe to it!
The best part about the dress is it’s so comfortable and breathable that you don’t have to worry about wearing it around even for the entire day. Like, I can literally live in this dress !
And how I love my bright red hair color that goes so well with this look! I feel so cool about how in trend the bold hair color is with the season. So much win!

Coming to the accessories, since it was raining very lightly.. like only drizzling when we were about to shoot this look, I decided to go with the black wedges and a black bag pack. Otherwise, you can always play with bright pinks, greens or yellows.
Opt for flats with straps at the back if it’s raining rather heavily as flats or flip flops can be anytime more comfortable to run errands or something like that especially if it’s rainy and you don’t want to splash mud on yourself or your clothes.

My monsoon accessories generally constitute of waterproof bags, umbrellas, wind cheaters, footwear etc. and they tend to have loud hues and bright neons as they look so amazing in the rains !

This is how my entire look came out like. Do let me know what’s your monsoon style and don’t hesitate to share your monsoon looks with me on instagram!

Happy monsoon to you!!








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