Men style, street style !

Most of the times we totally tend to avoid keeping tabs on trends for men fashion and style…
So today, we decided to put together a simple look with layers, earthy tones… basically all things we are obsessed with these days and this time it’s for all the boys out there!
Earthy tones totally lit the Indian skin tone up. So we played along with that fact to put up a casual look together.
When it comes to men style, less can be more. So we decided to keep the layers not too bold and bright and yet unconventional by pairing the military green US Polo shirt with a grey tee.
Totally love how the combination works perfectly for Kunal’s physique as well as skin tone!
Furthermore, we completed this look with a simple straight fit jeans that flattered Kunal’s body type and tan leather boots, shades and we were done!
One important thing while putting up a look together for men, or generally, putting up a look that we realised is to take into consideration the body type, fit and skin tone while selecting colors, combinations and clothes.
This might actually work wonders and give you unconventional color combinations that might actually look so different and so wow!
There’s no particular protocol to be followed to find out what works for you and what doesn’t…
Simply visualize the entire look in your mind, put it on, an stand in front of the mirror. If you’re totally confident and happy about it, no matter how quirky, different the look is, go for it!
This is the most simple way to start developing a taste for the different.
Experimentation is the key!







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