Complete your look!

If you’re the kind who’s obsessed with accessories, this blog post is just for YOU. You definitely  cannot and should not miss this one! 

There’s this one thing about me. I absolutely love to stock up different types of accessories – Sunglasses, earrings, jhumkas, danglers, bags, necklaces, rings, anklets… basically I’m a sucker for all types of accessories. I’m obsessed with collecting them and I try and pick different stuff up from everywhere I go!

I believe accessories play an important role in constructing your look and defining your style! I cannot stress enough on the importance of teaming up correct accessories with the correct outfit. That’s why  a blog post. 

Imagine you’re wearing a plain tee and jeans. How basic would this entire look be with the absence of correct accessories. Now imagine you’re wearing the same tee and jeans paired with a lovely bag, a matching watch, dainty necklace… how complete and put together you’d feel with just little changes! That is what I’m talking about !

Details matter!

However, you’d realize that you just cannot randomly put things together anyhow and style your entire look regardless of what you’re wearing and how. That’s why I’ve got you some really simple tips and tricks to go about styling your accessories with your outfits. So let’s get to it already!

1. Categories : categorise your collection into basic everyday use collection, heavy and designer collection and so on. Categorize your accessories according to the clothing you can pair them up with- traditional, casuals, formals, party wear etc.Trust me, this will solve half of your problems. 

2. Essentials : Once you’ve categorized your accessories, figure out the essential stuff that you’d be using more often and set it apart. You’re saving too much time for later by doing this now!  

3. Style: Now that you’ve categorized  and separated different types of accessories according to your preferences, you’re all set to experiment! Get set, style!

> Always remember that less is more. Try and not go overboard with too many accessories as it can completely spoil your look. 

>Decide on one aspect you want to concentrate on. If you’re planning to wear statement necklace, then bold jhumkas with that would be too much bling. 

>Always remember that details matter. Delicate, intricate jewelry can absolutely make you look more elegant and feminine. Invest in that! 

>Too much bling is a bad idea. If you’re outfit is too blingy, go easy on your accessories. 

Here’s a look I put together for you guys to emphasize on accessorizing the right way. 

If you look at the pictures , you’d know that this ones more of an edgy look with a boho twist to it all because of the way I’ve paired my accessories. 

I’ve stuck to black faux leather bag and high top sneakers for an edge and then paired a statement silver necklace for some bohemian vibes. I’ve kept a balance between chic and edgy.

I cannot imagine how this look would turn out without the right accessories or the absence of any one of these. It’s always up to you to decide your preferences and then style yourself accordingly. 

In the end, all that matters is if you’re happy with the way your look turns out! 

I’d love to know what are your tricks to go about styling your looks. Do let me know!! 

Till then,

Stay stylish!


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  1. elisepurdon says:

    Love this outfit! You’re so right about the details – thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you found it useful 😊


  2. Super cute! The subtle accessories you used create a bold look!

    Liked by 1 person

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