Balloon dress- a stylish cheat to accentuate the plus points of your body! 

Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? I’m managing my college along with blogging and trust me it’s quite a task. But then, who’s complaining?!

 I don’t know about you guys but I always feel fashion repeats itself. It’s about how differently you style the repeating trends. I personally am a big fan of several things that have made a comeback and one of those things is a classic balloon dress. 

It’s not just about style but, a balloon dress is capable of creating illusion making you look thinner and thereby contradicting to it’s name- balloon. 

If you see the pictures below you’ll get an idea what a balloon dress looks like. Mine has a summery feel to it with that bright beautiful orange and the right amount of edge thanks to the black stripes! If you follow me on instagram you’d know how much I’m into bold colors these days. I absolutely love experimenting with my style and when I found this dress in my closet, I simply wondered why I hadn’t posted on this beautiful dress already!

It’s a bright orange and black wide striped dress that can be comfortably transitioned from day to night! To give it a retro feel, I tried a different hairdo this time- a classic side bun. Otherwise you know, I always tend to stick to leaving my hair open. I love how the entire look is a mix of timeless elegance. To add a bit of edge, I’ve added hints of gold and more black with my bag and dainty accessories to complete my look. More than anything else, the round rimmed shades add that retro vibe to this entire look! What do you feel?

This dress is a perfect mix of timeless style and comfort. The fabric feels so soft and warm and the stitch of the dress adds an old world charm to it which is  particularly why I absolutely love this piece!

I’m always looking out for pieces that accentuate and flatter my body type. There are several tricks to do it, I’m sure you’re aware of that! How about I do a complete blog post on body types and clothes that preferably go with them?! Let me know in the comments below 🙂

That’s all about this outfit today. Dont forget to check the pictures below. I’ll be back with a new post super soon. Till then, make sure you’re connected with me on-


Twitter- @furorfever 

Instagram- @furorfever 



Dress : Remanika(old) 

shoes: flipkart 

Shades: colaba 


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