How to (not) repeat clothes | men style 

Hello there! Hope you’ll are doing great. It’s been really really long since we covered a men’s fashion post on the blog. But finally we’re here and cannot be more excited. So let’s get in the details already!

In simple terms, I’d like to describe street style as comfort fashion for boys. There are a few wardrobe essentials that you can mix and match to achieve different looks on everyday basis. Today, we’re focusing just on casual wear. So the basics you can include here are a pair of white, black and a denim shirt, polo tees, bottoms in black, blue, creme and brown undertones, sunnies and a watch. Oh, how could I forget shoes!  

The basic idea behind every outfit you put together is to work the colors and vibes according to your occasion. So that is something you shouldn’t miss taking into consideration. Depending on the occasion and event, you can play your outfit. Not just that, in case you’re attending multiple events in a day, you can make a few changes in terms of accessories or layering your clothes that could give you a new look without a hassle! And that’s exactly what we’re telling you about today!

Layer up: just a tee or just a shirt is too basic. Layer it up. Because 2 is better than 1! Everybody wears a shirt over a tee. Try the other way round?! 

Color it up: blacks, blues, whites are the basic colors you got to have. Not only they’re versatile but can be mixed and matched with almost anything effortlessly. If you’re more on the experimental side, try maroons and olive  greens. They look oh so dapper! 

It’s all in details, baby! Don’t, Don’t, Don’t overlook your accessories! I’ve repeatedly said this in the past and still can’t stress enough on how important details are and they really play an important role in what your outfit looks like. Invest in good shades, glasses, a pair of loafers, sneakers, oxfords, watches, stackable bracelets! They’re all easily available in your wardrobe, I’m sure. So why not just pair em up differently for different occasions according to your mood! 

Here, I’ve styled Kunal in a basic blue denim shirt, a little contrasting to his jeans’ color. To make it look not so basic, we layered it on a white tee to play with colors and avoid the blues to blend in really easy.  To play up a little quirk, the Alberto Toressi boots in brown, blue and black sunnies and a Giordano watch- a really easy breezy look for college that is very breathable. 

Easy, isn’t it?! 

It can be really easy to mix and match your clothes. For example, you can pair up the same tee and shirt with black jeans or creme trousers, white sneakers and a sporty watch with aviators insted of wayfarers and trust me that look’s going to turn out really different as compared to this one! Just try it ☺

To summarize it all, play with color schemes, Don’t ignore your accessories and you’re all set. You need not have an overflowing wardrobe to look different every time! Just let your creative juices flow and mix and match! 



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  1. erbiage says:

    Thanks for this. I’m so clueless with this stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad it’s of help😊


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