The T shirt dress 

We all have days when we’re simply too bored to dressed up and even more lazy to put together an outfit… let alone going out and running errands. I have such mood on a regular basis, trust me! 
 There are days when I just hate to dress up immaculately and go out so I tend to cancel those plans and binge watch my favorite TV series instead! But this can’t be done all the time. At the end of the day, you have to get your work done by yourself and that kinda makes me get up and get going.

For such days when I’ve long time of work and even longer list of tasks to be completed, I always tend to look for comfortable pieces in my wardrobe and what could be possibly more comfortable than a T-shirt dress ?!

I can literally LIVE in a T-shirt dress! Besides, you know my obsession with all things oversized already by now! I think a T shirt dress has become more of a style statement and has gained a staple place in our wardrobes! What’s most important is, apart from being so edgy, a T-shirt dress probably is the most comfortable attire you’d slip into. So much win!

To be honest, I decided to make a dedicated post to all things T-shirt dresses because I came across Bewakoof Official

Bewakoof has a wide range of comfort clothing right from T-shirt dresses to joggers, crop tops, tanks, etc. both, for males and females out there. I couldn’t resist but get a T-shirt dress for myself from their irresistible collection! 

If you’re planning to buy a T-shirt dress for yourself you’d might as well consider the points below before you go ahead! 

1. Size: The bigger the better! T-shirt dresses look best when oversized, trust me. Besides, it’s a good change sometimes to go anti-fit!

2. Color: It honestly doesn’t matter when so many colors and patterns are available in almost all shapes and sizes on Bewakoof! Go with what you like the best ☺

3. Accessories: You know what’s the best part about T-shirt dresses? You don’t necessarily need to accessorize it. Forget mixing and matching your jewellery. Just put of your most comfortable footwear and you’re ready to conquer the world!

Here’s how I styled my T-shirt dress from Bewakoof

To give a different fit to my dress, I wore a belt around my waist. Since the dress was a little bigger than my size, it looked perfect with the belt. To add some edge, I put on stackable bracelets with spike details and viola! I’m ready. 

I really love how relaxed this look is. O can go about anywhere and everywhere in this T-shirt dress of mine and still manage to look put together with the least amount of work in it! 

If you like what I’m wearing or plan to buy a T-shirt or a T shirt dress or any other comfort clothing for you like Vestsjoggers or long T shirts for men! Or crop tops, joggers, tees for women, you should definitely have a look at Not only do they have an amazing collection, but they have it in super affordable prices too! 

That’s about today. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures and let me know how you styled it if you get something from Bewakoof and have a nice day!




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