My go-to college outfits

Hello there!

It’s been a week since my last post and just as I promised, I’m back with 2 new looks today that you can easily wear to your college not worrying about the dress code!

Have a look

For the first look, I opted a white on white color combination and hints of red here and there! I got these white tanks from Bewakoof and the white baggy trousers from Zara. In this look, I’ve settled for flats from Ginger as I wanted to keep it more comfortable and as the look was for college outfit styles, naturally we’d definitely not prefer flats over high heels when we gotta run here and there for hours! 
Layering it up with a red plaid shirt around my waist and sunnies, I was done! Simple, ain’t it?
I think this look would work perfectly for mornings as it’s very easy breezy kinds.

The next one is more of a sporty look with a cropped tee, again from Bewakoof and jeans from Zara and Klaur Melbourne sneakers that I got from Flipkart!

Lately I’ve been shopping from Bewakoof quite a lot! I also gifted my friend, a pair of joggers from their mens collection! I absolutely love their men’s tshirt collection & not to forget, the sweatshirts

I absolutely love their collection for women too. Be it their Tshirt collection or their tank tops or their tshirt dresses,sweatshirts or shortsBewakoof has become my go to online shopping destination!

Ok so these were my go-to college looks! Do let me know which one is your favorite among these 2 in the comments below !

See you in the next blog soon. Tadaa! 


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  1. Rishav says:

    The white on white looks so damn cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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