Saying hello to prints 

Hey everyone. How are y’all doing ?? I’m currently giving my exams and also trying to post on the blog more regularly and I think I’m starting to actually manage this really well. Yayy! .

So today’s post isn’t about any collaboration, event or some product review but a little reflection into rediscovering my own style preferences and experimenting. If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that my style is more on the casual side. I prefer plain, neutral colors over prints and love layering up and color blocking! I’ve never really considered putting on bright colors like yellows and oranges let alone tropical prints! Not that they look too loud, I really like how vibrant and colorful they look. Just that I haven’t mustered up the courage to sport such loud prints on a regular basis yet… Sometimes? Totally yes but not regularly as yet. 

So in today’s post, you’d see that I’m wearing a printed ruffle dress that actually looks like a romper. Comfortable, casual, flowy and extremely breathable. I’m really choosy when it comes to prints and I really have very few printed pieces in my wardrobe and this one amongst all of them is my new favorite! 

Have a look 

Dress: Promod, Shades: Fastrack, Bag, Shoes:Flipkart, Watch: Tommy Hilfiger, Bracelet: Forever 21, On my Lips:Kryolan in 1204 

I wore this dress for a casual day out with friends. I went for minimal styling and kept it really simple- a belt on waist to accentuate the ruffles and a black bag-pack to go with it. I layered my watch with a bronze statement bracelet because it looked really nice like that and paired my dress up with sneakers to give it a sporty twist,  completing the look with my favorite staple brown shades. This is one of those pieces from my wardrobe that makes me want to experiment more with prints and I absolutely love that. 

If you’re not comfortable with certain styles but really want to wear them, today I want to tell you, go give it a try! Don’t let anyone influence you out of it. You honestly don’t need anyone’s approval to wear whatever you like and feel good about yourself. Life’s too short. Have fun ladies and go get that extra piece of cake, dance to your favorite songs, wear whatever you like and most importantly, SHINE! 



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