The December clothing edit 

Hey hey!!! How are you guys?? I hope 2017 is treating you well ☺ So I’ve been planning to blog my December outfit preferences since quite some time! And now that I’ve got all my pictures together, here we go! 

December is such a merry month to be honest. With Christmas, the wedding season, parties (and birthdays ! ) it’s such a happy month. With so many events, come so many outfits! And we girls definitely don’t want to repeat them, do we??

So I’ve got you all a cheat! I’m going to tell you how I donned different outfits this December for different functions with Liberent

Liberent is a fashion rental portal with a vast collection for every event and every merry mood. They’ve got you covered for cocktail parties to haldi functions, weddings, engagement parties, dates and what not!

I’ve shot for 2 looks in which I’m wearing Liberent from head to toe. Obviously, for 2 different occasions.

For the first one, I went for an ethnic look since it’s the wedding season and I’m sure all of us have a lot of our friends and relatives getting married and we don’t want to splurge so much on ensembles that we’d end up wearing just for a day and we definitely don’t want to repeat our clothes for God’s sake!!! 

So that’s what I wore:

Now, the second look is a party look that I put together considering Christmas and New Year in mind. The party season demands bling and I just got me covered with the classiest gown from Liberent. This outfit beautifully transitions into an evening gown with just the correct amount of bling to it and wow just look at it. I love everything about this piece! I had a princess moment in that one, how beautiful !

You HAVE TO browse The Liberent’s collection because, it’s so much more comfortable to rent pretty outfits like we want and having them delivered at our doorstep than repeating the same clothes over and over. Moreover, you just have to pay a fraction of the original cost so it’s not even heavy on your pockets!! 
That’s about today. I’m coming up with a brand new post super soon so stay tuned and don’t forget to tag me in your wedding/party outfits. I’d love to see you all!!




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