Monochrome obsession 

Hey guys

If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I recently changed my blog name and I’m currently in the process to create a new logo design, change my contact details, mail addresses etc. It feels great to be working under my own name, it’s a little different feeling you know. I’ll be making a certain few changes to the website in the coming weeks so do let me know what you think about them too!

Coming to today’s post, I think you all by now definitely know how obsessed I’m with monochromes. I low how dramatic yet subtle monochromes can be if paired together correctly and you’ve seen a lot of it on my Instagram too, from time to time. So, I recently got me a pair of white culottes from Zara and paired it with a basic black tee. A choker to add some edge and to give a sporty touch to the outfit, I completed the look with white sneakers. As for the accessories, my Jimmy Choo bag with gold details and gunmetal silver reflectors to complete it all.

Have a look 

The result is a very casual, easy breezy, no brainer look ideal for days when you’ve got errands to run all day or for college or roaming around aimlessly! 
I love my basics and love clean looks especially like these which are so easy to put together and look so chic! I literally can have like 50 odd pieces in black and white in my wardrobe and I’d still be ready to buy a new one in the same color palette! Do you love or favour a particular style of dressing up and are obsessed with a particular color too? Tell me, I’d love to hear your stories!!

See you in the next one.




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