A page out of a dreamy fairytale

I was always awed by the fairy tales ever since I was a kid. Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, Aladdin, Alice in wonderland and numerous adventurous tales dominated my life as a child. I would read these tales for hours and get driven away to a fantasy land full of different things and beautiful dresses, dreamy romance, adventure and lots of magic!

One of the things to love about these stories for me was how the princesses dressed up. Tulle gowns, tiaras, grace and there was so much magic in those ethereal outfits. Ever since I first saw a tulle gown on Cinderella when she got the night off in an illustration in the book, I wanted one for myself. I still remember I was just 9 or 10 at that time! I still cannot resist such dreamy outfits to be honest. 

One such day, I treated myself to a day of magical couture straight out of a fairy tale thanks to Liberent. Have a look 

I got myself 2 gowns from Liberent. I was determined to live my princess life for a day. One was something that I always wanted to wear ever since I was a kid- a dreamy powder blue piece with infinite layers of tulle and off shoulder sleeves with diamond details on the waist and the other one was a black edgy high-low number perfectly channeling elegance through its black lacy fabric.
I love how dreamy both the gowns are and thanks to Liberent,  I lived my dream of wearing not just one but 2 looks straight out of a fairy tale! Now I can peacefully tick thus fantasy out of my bucket list! 

This blog is so close to my heart because shooting for it made me recollect the old childhood memories of reading my favorite books for hours and getting lost in a fantasy land of my own dreams… Not to forget, also making my wish of wearing the Cinderella dress and twirling around come true! 

Just Childhood bliss! 


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