Statement fashion

Are you bored of putting together an outfit everyday but still want to stand out and make heads turn every single time? I won’t lie, it’s difficult.

Styling ourselves differently every single day can be quite a task. Today I’ve shown you my perception to styling my basics differently with accessories that make all the difference.

I’ve always stressed over and over again and every single time in my posts on how accessories are important and pairing them right is very essential for a look that’s on point no matter what the occasion is. Today, I’m working around a layered statement boho piece from Festivya to create a powerful, edgy and  chic look that can be easily worn as a casual look or as a semi formal look for your college or to run errands or a casual meet up.

Have a look

I’ve paired my turquoise beaded and coined Festivya neckpiece with a white oversized shirt and a blue jeans, white sneakers and Ray bans. 

The idea was to keep the entire look very basic so that the main element of focus would be the necklace. Just to play up a little more, I’ve layered my Festivya piece over another oxidized silver coin statement necklace that surely steals some limelight and adds a quirky element to the whole look and finally, a tanned oversized bag to cater to my obsession with all things oversized (if you haven’t guessed that already!) 

So, that’s one of the many ways I would dress up and style my accessories when I want to wear something really very comfortable and yet steal some glances! 

If you like what accessories I’m wearing in this post, you should definitely check out Festivya here. They have a variety of accessories for different occasions. Be it heavy or statement pieces or dainty work wear pieces, trust me, Festivya has you covered! 

So that’s for today. I’m planning a series of posts on the blog with different types of content. So do let me know what you’d like me to talk about. You can also mail me any queries or DM me! 



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