Summer, Summer! 

Of course I am putting away my jeans, jackets and boots and opting for easy breezy dresses, light fabrics, vibrant colors,quirky flip flops and drinking lots of juices and eating buckets of Ice creams!!! 

Just like any other Mumbaikar, I’m so done with this scorching heat and I honestly can’t even imagine wearing layers of clothes all day. Can we just fast forward these summery days and start at the rainy season?!?! Please?? PLEASE!!  

It’s that time of the year, the time we put away our sweaters, and slip into light fabrics and sport vibrant shades and bright hues. Summer for me has always been about wearing bright colors and indulging in lots of cold drinks and ice creams and chilling all day, going on trips and everything…

But it’s not that easy considering the weather in the city RN. Running errands all day in this heat is absolutely difficult and I’m often left tired, irritated, thirsty and sticky. I wish I could just chill in my room all day and not go out at all. But that’s so not happening.Being a student, a blogger, I often have to shoot at daytime, attend lectures and everything and it’s not really easy to do all this in tight and thick clothes. 

So to solve this problem,  I’ve put together a summer style look. It is something that I’d definitely prefer to wear whether I’m running errands or just chilling with friends or having a lunch date or attending lectures because, the whole look is so colorful and so comfortable and definitely very breathable. Exactly what we need in this scorching heat, right girlies?? 

Have a look. 

I’ve layered my blue tube dress with an  oversized white shirt that I got from Mango. I love the fact that the dress is so flowy because it adds to the comfort factor. Since the shirt is of a very light cotton fabric, the whole look altogether turns out to be very breathable yet very appealing to the weather.I’m wearing my metallic flip flops and round rimmed shades from H&M to complete my whole bright and beautiful summer look. 

Pro tip: stock up on maxi dresses, shorts, comfortable tops and such tube dresses as they’re so versatile and one can almost wear such pieces on a regular basis without getting bored of them. Also, we’ve so many options to style these pieces differently. They’re like the staple pieces. 

Ditch that pair of jeans for something with a lighter fabric, opt for cottons and put the synthetic materials away. Culottees or shorts are a match made for summers so go make the most of these pieces and don’t forget to drink loads and loads of water and put your sunscreen on. I totally understand how uncomfortable it can get when we have to stay outdoors for the whole day in this weather and wearing denim or faux fur can lead to rashes on our skin so please try and avoid any of that. Moisturize your skin well and don’t shy away from having fun in the sun!!

So that’s about today. I’d love to see what you’re wearing this summer and I’d love to hear about your go to tips and tricks for this summer whether it’s about skincare or fashion or anything. Write to me !!!

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my #ootds and more. We are now a family of 8000. Yayy!!! 

See you in the next one, 

Happy Summers 🌞 


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