Exam time – Life update!

Hey there, 

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should!) you’d know I’ve been prepping for my final semester exams which start in less than a week from today. 

It’s quite stressful and I honestly can’t post often or shoot for a month which makes me so sad! But well, I’m planning something amazing and you’re going to see that in June or so. 

So I have a gap of 5 to 6 days between every paper and that’s exactly why it’ll be so long before I start posting regularly again, in case you’re wondering.

I know for the fact that a lot of you guys are prepping for your university exams too and some of you are just enjoying the summer holidays while we study 😒  So I just put together a few go to tricks that help me feel stress free (up to an extent, tbh) during the exam period. Hope it helps! 

  1. Plan your schedule: make sure you plan your day/week before hand. It makes everything easier and you get a clear view of how you need to manage your day, run errands and study too. Make sure to find some time to relax everyday. Because, I bet you’ve heard all those “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” quotes from your school teacher 😂
  2. Eat regularly: yes, eat regularly and eat light. Heavy food items tend to make you feel lazy and sleepy. (tried and tested!) I generally tend to avoid too much oily food, junk food, rice and chicken during my exam period and opt for a lot of juices, salads, etc. For the fact, last semester I even tried my hand at liquid diet which involved consuming mostly liquids- soups and juices and drinking a lot of water! The result? Extremely glowing skin, fresh feels and positive mind! But I wouldn’t recommend you a liquid diet without the proper supervision of a qualified dietician. And unless you’re home bound like me, liquid diet can be easily skipped for the light food alternative that I mentioned earlier. 
  3. Take mini breaks: it’s very very important not to study for hours at a stretch. Not only does it make you anxious and nervous but also very mentally exhausted. Take mini breaks, watch your favorite show (not binge watch!), or take a walk. It’ll not only make you feel fresh but will pump you up with energy to take your exams on! 
  4. Be consistent: honestly, I’m very stressed during exams. Not because I study 24/7 but because I don’t. I legit waste all my time doing nothing and totally freak out when I’ve really less time in my hands to prep up. Of course, its ok to relax but it’s also very important to regularly do what is to be done. In that way, you can get the best of both worlds 😉
  5. Revise beforehand : I used to practically study till the last minute of the paper and I realised how that is wrong on so many levels. It is very important to keep your mind free from all the chaos at least 3 to 4 hours prior to exam. So I suggest you revise beforehand and stick to a calmed, free mind approach on the day of the paper.   

So these are very few things that I plan to do this time for my exams and some that I already do. I’m starting my preps from today. Hope it helps all you guys who are gearing up for theirs. Wish you all the luck! And see you in the next one. 




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