Military Chic 

Hey fashionistas!

I know, I’ve been MIA on the blog and you would totally know why if you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram. So now that I’m back (and back with a truck-load of new posts!!) I can’t wait to show you all my new looks, review a lot of yumness on the blog and also explore new places! So how do you like the new look of my blog? I’m working on different categories and exploring literally everything and putting it down for you guys and I’m so excited about it and I’m sure you are too! ❤

So coming to today’s blog post, I’ve styled a look in collaboration with Romwe. It’s so me- high on comfort and yet so chic. I’ve paired my black tshirt dress with this extremely sporty military green bomber jacket that I got from Romwe and put together an easy street style look! If you know me, you’d know that the first thing I look out for whenever I’m styling any outfit or putting together any look is the comfort factor. Bomber jackets are unquestionably so comfortable, they’re easy to layer up and in this case, add so much element to my look which I absolutely love! Have a look

I’ve been obsessed with earthy tones since forever and this military green bomber jacket was just love at first sight ! I completed the look with a hat and I think it added quite some edge to the whole look. I cannot imagine this look without the hat ❤

If you like what you see, you can shop it here:

Bomber jacket: Romwe (direct product link)

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger, T-shirt dress: Bewakoof, Shoes: Flipkart


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