Shmook it up

Hey there!

As I told you in my earlier post, I’m totally going to bombard you with lots of new blogs this week. And for today I’m going to talk about my favorite topic- accessories! 

You know I’m obsessed with details. I like to give attention to smallest of the elements in my looks and today I’m talking about all statement pieces to quirk up your basics. 

A few weeks back I came across Shmook. It’s a one stop destination for all things statement- neck pieces, earrings, everything! 

I styled 2 different pieces from their collection to give you an idea on how to work statement jewelry. 

1. In the first look, I’ve paired my multicolored necklace with pastels. As the necklace is all vibrant and multicolored with shades of pink, green and blue along with gold accents, sticking to pastels adds that balance in the look and keeps it quirky too! 

2. For the second one, I’ve paired this boho necklace with Pom-poms with a white top that is layered with a printed shrug. The pink, gold and black details add so much to the look. The outfit would totally be incomplete without this piece! 

I bought these pieces from Shmook. They have a huge collection of oxidized pieces, dainty necklaces and statement pieces too 😁 

Do have a look at their collection here 

See you in the next one, 



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