A day at Neral 

“I’ve had a crazy schedule since quite some months and I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. I’m so tired that I just can’t take it anymore. ENOUGH! ” 

Don’t we all have all these thoughts so often? We all are so occupied with our work, projects, deadlines and everything materialistic that we tend to forget to give time to ourselves, spend quality time with our loved ones and most importantly, enjoy and cherish the little moments and a precious gift that is LIFE! 

Something similar was happening in my case. I’d just given my final year exams, was struggling with so many blog posts that were pending as I couldn’t concentrate on them while I was studying, placements, joining and all that. Everything was just getting so messed up and I realised I needed to STOP. I needed a break. A break that I had been long pushing forward because of work. I needed it just now! 

I was looking for a getaway with friends only for a day or two so we could spend time away from work. We thought of many options: Lonavala, Alibaug, Gharapuri and eventually zeroed down on Neral. Quite a strange choice, you’d think but we wanted to explore something that hadn’t been explored already and Neral, my friends, did surprise us! 

We decided to go on a weekday to avoid traffic and crowd and zeroed in on Wednesday! Mid week getaways for the win!!! 

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

My day began with a series of alarm calls at 4:00am, 4:10am, 4:15am and I woke up at 4:30am… I’m not quite a morning person but change is good, they say! So I got ready for an eventful day ahead and left my house at 5:45ish to meet my friends. We left for Neral around 6:00am and Oh boy! How beautiful does the sky look early morning!! I don’t know why I never travelled that early in the morning before, I just can’t wait to do another early morning trip especially for the view!!! 

So, Neral is a small town in Maharashtra and is 83kms away from Mumbai and 42mms away from Panvel. It’s basically a 2-2.5hrs drive away from the city. We reached there by 7:45 and checked into our den for the day- Discover Resorts. 

Discover Resorts is situated in the heart of Neral. What do I tell you about this Resort! It is this beautiful piece of land that is legit HEAVEN- blessed with eternal beauty of nature and lush greenery everywhere!  

we started our day at this beautiful property with a fulfilling breakfast and headed out to explore the entire resort! The Discover Resorts is a sprawling property spread across Neral with fine amenities and a wonderful view. Well equipped and warm staff, luxurious rooms, yummy food is an addition to the whole experience. 

Discover Resorts has many gardens, 2 pools, a spa, gaming zone, basketball court a dedicated library with a huge collection of books and lots more! 

I spent my whole day exploring different parts of this huge resort, gorging on all the yumness and chilling by the pool and having a look at some amazing books in the library! Have a look 

Discover Resorts can house up to 1000 people easily and they also take bookings for engagements, weddings and other such functions. The place has an amazing vibe and you can’t help but return here again and again! 

So, that’s about my mini getaway at Discover Resorts, Neral. Yes, I do feel more positive and energetic thanks to this Staycation and can’t wait to work more and travel even more now that I feel so refreshed and share all my adventures with you guys!! 

Love , 



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