July Fashion Favorites

Hey Guys! 

So as you might know,  I’ve been shopping non stop from Romwe lately and I absolutely love their collection!!! Hence I compiled my favorite pieces from their collection for you guys. 

Let me know how u like them 😊😊

1. Army Green Embroidered jacket 

Click here to buy 

2 Dog Print cropped T-shirt 

Click here to buy this tee ! Its my favorite❤

3. Classic black peplum top

I’m going to style this one super soon. You will see it in a separate blog post again!!!

Click here to buy it ! I love 😊

4. Color block shirt

You might have seen this on my earlier blog post! Absolutely comfortable piece 

Click here to buy 

5. Mesh embroidered  top 

This one seems perfect for the current season! Get your hands on this top here 

6. Embroidered white top! 

Get it here

7. Grey skirt 

Perfectlychic and highly fashionable. Buy it here

8. Last but not the least, 

This beautiful embroidered mesh shirt 

Click here to buy 


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