One blazer challenge with Kunal Thakur

Hey Guys…. And girls!

Today’s post is really different from the other ones on the blog. 1. because its men’s style post and 2. Because, It’s a blazer challenge!  

We decided to do this challenge to show you many different ways in which all you handsome boys out there could style your 1 favorite blazer.

Now lets be honest. We don’t have as many blazers as the number of shirts or tees. So when it comes down to dressing up for a really important occasion, we have no choice but to work with those limited options that we have in our wardrobe. Of course, we all love looking our best, don’t we? And we all want to make sure we don’t end up creating the same boring looks like always for this particular occasion and the other party and then that another meeting after that.

 So today I’m gonna show you how to work with those limited pieces in your wardrobe to create different themed looks for different occasions by pairing them up with basics like blue trousers, white shirt, shorts and basic white tees. Lets get started!

1. The Party look: 

When it comes to dressing for parties or events, opting for semi casuals always works well. They look smart and are very comfortable at the same time. Semi formals give you that effect of being presentable and at the same time allow you to have fun. For this look, I’ve styled Kunal in a blue Zara blazer paired with grey Chinos and a white V necked tee completing the look with white sneakers. Who knew Blue and Grey could look so good together! 

Have a look at the outtakes

 2. The not-so-conventional Beach look:

Now this look is for the experimental kinds. It would work so well for the beach parties when all you need is beer and a view 😉 

We’ve worked with the same Blue Zara blazer with a shirt, this time a lighter shade of blue and white shorts to add that fun, quirky element. Blue loafers to complete this true blue look. To add a more edgy vibe to the whole outfit, we’ve accessorized Kunal with Stackable beaded bracelets from H&M and see through Shades. 

3. The business boy:

This is your classic formal look put together as a three piece suit(all mixed and matched to perfection!) 

A formal outfit looks so dapper and works well mostly for all occasions. When you can’t think of what to wear for an event, go for this one as it’s a complete no brainer and will always work! 

I’ve styled the same blazer on Kunal with a white formal shirt and a tux, formal blue straight fit  trousers and brown oxfords. The result is a classic and safe formal look that can never really go wrong. 

So now you see how you can wear your 1 favorite blazer to different occasions creating extremely different looks every time you step out. Amazing, isn’t it? Do try these looks out if you like how they have turned out and let me know what more you’d like to see on my blog at and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates.




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